Bread Street Kitchen, London, UK

Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen opened in September 2011 promising to offer something special to the office workers and tourists who visit St Paul’s. The premise is to be open for anything from a breakfast meeting, a business lunch, to a leisurely dinner, with everything in between. Downstairs, the bar area is decked out with

Jeroboams, London, United Kingdom

Jeroboams needs no introduction, known as one of the best wine merchants in the capital, with a number of sites in the most prestigious areas of London. When their Elizabeth Street flagship store was due to be refurbished, Retail Director Jonathan Wren decided the time was right to allow their customers to try some of

Dunell’s Premier Wines, Jersey, UK

The space of Dunell’s Premier Wines is huge, which means that thousands of wines can be displayed. This includes their huge Wine Wall, which runs the length of the store. The refurbishment was a chance to try something new, and they installed two 16-bottle By The Glass systems with Self-Serving Card Readers. This means that

Vagabond, London, United Kingdom

Vagabond uses custom-made By The Glass wine serving systems which store the wines at the correct temperature, whilst preserving them for up to two weeks. The concept is to provide a “more accessible and enjoyable shopping experience for the largest, and largely overlooked, customer group in the UK – everyone who enjoys wine but for