• You know your guests have a desire for choice and quality
  • You know your guests are willing to spend more if the desire for choice and quality are met
  • The By The Glass systems enable you to offer this desire without the risk of any wastage
  • By The Glass offers products that enable the on-trade customer to realise higher sales and profits from wine, and reduces the loss of wine by oxidation to zero
  • Whether you have ample or limited space in your bar, restaurant or lobby, By The Glass offers you various solutions that can beperfectly matched to your decor and needs


  • The ability to offer a wide range of wines per glass which are always served at the correct temperature (finally, a glass of red wineserved at the correct temperature, instead of 22 degrees or more!)
  • Wine by the sip (selling sips of wine and/or introduce your guests to your wines and let them decide which wine they will drink)
  • ‘Wine flights’ (e.g. try three types of Sauvignon Blanc from three different countries)
  • The ability to quickly change the wines on offer (e.g. to anticipate changes in seasonal products)
  • The ability to offer guests suitable wine suggestions for different courses

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