1. Electronic climate control to serve the wines at the desired temperature (from 7 degrees up to 20 degrees)
  2. Preservation; by adding either argon or nitrogen gas (no taste, colour or smell)
  3. Presentation; by using the By The Glass® Modular, the inserted bottles are always presented in an elegant and hygienic way
  4. Serving; with portion control (3 different doses), you always serve the desired pre-set amount of wine
  5. Easily expandable by linking multiple units by using only one plug (up to 6 units)
  6. Anti-theft; doors can be locked to avoid access and serving keys can be locked electronically
  7. Tubes which guide the wine are easy to change, and provide optimum hygiene conditions
  8. Silicone corks fit all types of bottles
  9. The inner LED lighting is dimmable in two positions
  10. Also available with external watercooling (ask your local distributor for specifications)